Packhorse Tours


These trips offer a truly Australian experience, the horses you ride are well bred high country Australian stock horses, bred here at Spring Spur Stock Horse Stud. The experience is a tapestry of traditions and practices of our shared history, enjoy yarns of old and new around the campfire kitchen, tucking in to one of our delicious meals prepared effortlessly by the staff for you to enjoy. Don’t expect to shed any kilo’s along the way, unless you walk along side your horse! These experiences are woven into a stunning landscape, where ‘you can come on a journey through time at another pace and ‘show your wandering heart the mountain dreaming place’.

Bogong Horseback Adventures offer a program of packhorse supported tours of 3 to 7 days duration, during the summer months. Acclaimed by successive tourism awards, these High Country rides take you on a journey through time, from the rich fertile Kiewa Valley and the 20th century, through the layers of vegetation from temperate rainforest, up rocky spur lines to the vast open High Plains and mountain peaks. Along the way you will feel the modern world falling away, so you arrive in the clouds in another time, as the mists clear you will see forever across the blue ridges. We travel with packhorses, far from 4WD’s and crowds across a landscape dotted with old cattleman’s huts, bushranger hideouts, brumby traps and goldmines.

A reasonable level of fitness is required but you do not need to be an athlete. Our saddles and camps are comfortable and we have comprehensive booking form to help when choosing a saddle and your mountain horse for the duration.A diverse range of camps and itineraries so you can come year after year, as many do, and still be surprised by something new.
Your comfort and safety is a priority but we cannot eliminate all risk. We advise you check or subscribe to ambulance cover  all itineraries travel into remote country and in the rare circumstance of needing medical aid, you are advised to have this insurance in place.

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